A Dozen Things

A Dozen Things That You Need to Know About Building and Opening a New Restaurant

The first and most important thing you can do is set and work within a budget.

  • This budget should include money for each of the following areas:

    • Professional fees for Architects and Engineers to secure all required permits
    • General build out of the space...walls, floors, ceilings, toilets, dining room, air conditioning. lights and power
    • Kitchen equipment
    • Exhaust hood and fire suppression system
    • 'Soft goods' pots, pans, plates, glasses and the like
    • Signage
    • Dining room furniture
    • Opening food and liquor stocks
    • Opening training and prep for staff
    • Operating capital for the first month of operations
  • This budget could be anywhere between  $75,000     and    $350,000 depending on many things:

    • The space that you are going into and the amount of new work it needs to support your new Restaurant
    • The type of restaurant you want to open
    • Where your restaurant is located...different locations have different government requirements

Completing and setting your budget is the single most important thing you can do NOW to succeed with your new Restaurant!