St. Louis Fire Safety and Fire Restaurant Inspection Equipment

Commercial Restaurant Fire Inspection

Beginning in 1969, Central Safety & Fire has been a leader in fire protection.  We sell, install and service all types of fire protection equipment, new and pre-owned.  With our one call guarantee service program you are not left alone to solve your emergency problems. We Offer 24hr- 7days a week Emergency Service our service technicians are continually trained and educated to stay on top of the latest codes and regulations.  Central Safety & Fire is licensed, insured and qualified to perform all your fire suppression needs. With our automatic computer generated account status program, you can rest assured that your service will always be in compliance with all local codes and authorities having jurisdiction.

We are focused on being able to fulfill all of your needs with only one phone call.  We have our own mechanical and fire sprinkler division and are working in conjunction with an architect and engineer, 1 local construction company,  and local plumbing companies to be able to build your kitchen and building equipment  from the ground up, or do a total rehab of any location you may choose.

Here are some of the facilities that we service:  Font Bonne College, Saint Louis University, Bernard Health Care, Independence Center, East St. Louis Housing Authority, St Joseph School and Church, Cott Beverages as well as many restaurants such as McDonalds, Denny’s, Outback Steak House, and Church’s Fried Chicken to name a few.

Only a few safety companies are certified to perform hood installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers and hood suppression systems by using approved parts to protect your warranties and insurance coverage in the event of a fire.

Again, we offer 7 day, 24 hour emergency service to help you get back in business A.S.A.P.